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Quality Information - and New Technologies - are the Key to a "Better Future"

Let's face it - there's a lot of misinformation out there that's driven by the pursuit of political power, rigged corporate profits, and managed decline of the free market economy itself ... that's causing undue harm to our planet, and sowing the seeds of economic and human disasters on a grand scale.

As our organization grows, this page will be dedicated to sharing the very best ideas and information regarding the disciplines of a more prosperous, healthy and sustainable hydrocarbon-based economy... and promoting new technologies, products and services that embrace the seven fundamental principles of "Affordable Power". 

We'll also use this area to continue shedding light on how economically & environmentally disastrous the "New Energy Economy" is for the world.     

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Letter from the Founder

As we all know, there’s no subject more contentious than the global warming fray  (i.e., “Green New Deal” – “New Energy Economy” – “Renewable Energy Movement”, etc.),  that all have virtually zero tolerance for anything other than solar panels, windmills, and massive storage batteries...  because  these so called “Green" devices are claimed to be so good for the planet, that they deserve having an entirely new government controlled economy built around them.

In reality though, these New-Energy  favorites - and the strategies behind them - are huge economic and environmental disasters in the making - due to their low power output, behemoth size, massive squandering of land and natural resources, and generally impractical make up.  As evidenced by huge subsidies and hidden costs, and intentionally undisclosed levels of environmental damage and non-recyclable and toxic waste… that are now starting to come to light.   See "Quotes & Links" at bottom of page.

Research shows that by today's standards of producing power (high-energy density “Hydrocarbons” vs. low-energy density "Solar & Wind"); the power generated from hydrocarbons (oil and gas, and bio-fuels) has about a 7-fold Economic, Environmental, and arguably Ethical advantage.   Of which, when considering the impact these core-elements have on the world - are the very lifeblood of the Mainstream-Economy itself. 

And if we can “reach” enough people with our revolutionary vision of the future, maybe we can create a movement that’s massive enough to demand greater environmental and fiscal responsibility all the way to the top of the biggest businesses, energy companies, and banking and education systems… and maybe even prompt the government to legislate an  Affordable-Power Act??

The Simple truth about Engines  vs.  Solar Panels, Windmills and Large Storage Batteries

Let's first understand the difference between "Energy" and "Power" (i.e., “Useful-Power” or “Usable-Power”).

Energy is what comes from the sun - and "Power" is what’s produced by intentionally converting that energy into various “useful” forms of; electricity, mechanical motion, and rotational-force etc. – by fueling machines such as “Combustion-Engines” to power electrical generators, and to directly power all types of machinery, vehicles, boats, airplanes, and more.

And yes, I did just say; "use the sun's energy to fuel engines".  But how is that so?

Because, over many eons; plants and organisms photosynthesized the sun's energy and then died, or were eaten by creatures that also died. Then, all that plant and animal matter, and other sources of carbon in the earth’s mantle, all boiled down somewhere in the earth and became crude oil and natural gas - and at some level, continues to do so.

So in simple terms; fossil-fuels (and solar-fuels and bio-fuels derived from present day technologies, organisms and organic matter), are in fact renewable-hydrocarbons extracted from the sun's energy and the earth’s naturally occurring carbon cycles.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Now let's look at the raging global warming fray (i.e., CO2 in the atmosphere that affects the earth’s temperature) and the battle of the machines (Engines vs. Solar Panels, Windmills and large Batteries) for market supremacy to alleviate those effects.

And since these devices are all powered by solar-energy”  in one form or another, it now comes down to which are the most affordable and reliable, uses less natural resources, and puts less CO2 into the atmosphere.  And as you will see (by going to the "Quotes & Links" at the bottom of this page)when the total (cradle to grave) costs and detrimental impacts of solar panels, windmills and batteries are fully disclosed - engines are economically and environmentally superior... by a huge margin.

To then widen these margins, let's introduce more “efficient” and "cleaner" engines coupled to large generators - that can match or beat the efficiency, and cleanliness, of combined-cycle power plants; at a fraction of their size and cost to build. And since these more-efficient engines can use fuels produced from carbon dioxide (CO2) or methane scrubbed from the atmosphere, or fuels refined from plants that do, or use landfill gas and bio-gas  - - and solar panels, windmills and batteries can't - - these new engines can become the “centerpiece” of more efficient, lower cost, and less resource and infrastructure dependent micro-grid and utility-scale power generating systems - that remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than they produce.

So why not work more vigorously on:

  • Increasing the efficiency of engines and reducing our demands for power
  • Planting more crops that are useful carbon scrubbers when growing; that when harvested, can be used for feed-stock for ethanol fuels, food for people and animals, and biomass for methane fuels

While the world also develops better technologies to:

  • Scrub more CO2 and methane from the atmosphere
  • Capture more landfill gas and flare off gas from oil wells
  • Develop more affordable ways to generate hydrogen and solar fuels
  • Create new fuels from discarded plastics (such as those choking our oceans) and other sources of garbage and waste - to ultimately generate even more affordable, reliable, sustainable, and cleaner power.

Can you imagine if all the money, time and effort that has been sucked out of the economy by the so called "Green-Energy" movement over the last 50 years - had instead been invested in the technology advancements and resolutions detailed above, how much better off our planet would be right now?


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In Their Own Words

     The quote below is from the back cover of the book  "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING - CAPITALISM vs THE CLIMATE"  written by Naomi Klein: 



The really inconvenient truth is that it's not about carbon - it's about capitalism.  The convenient truth is that we can seize this existential crisis to transform our failed economic system and build something radically better.


     And for those of you not familiar with Naomi Klein;  She's known as the intellectual godmother of the  "Green New Deal",   and her book referenced above is the inspiration behind it.


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