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In today's world, the only way to have any significant influence on a better future - is to organize and motivate a massive peaceful army (alliance of people) - that are willing to stand up and yell "that's enough!" to the economically and environmentally disastrous policies, propped up products, and unfair targeting of consumers by well funded bureaucrats and their opportunist big business partners.

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Affordable Power Alliance (a Non-Profit Organization)

Strength In Numbers

As the number of "Members" and "Donations" in this organization grow into a force to be reckoned with - we also expect to start a separate foundation to assist in securing and providing funding and support for Coalition-Projects, and other new technologies, organizations and services that uphold the seven fundamental principles of "Affordable Power".

But for now: is it too optimistic to believe we can unite an alliance of a million members and donations within the next two years - to help support this organization's charter and coalition projects, and 2.5 billion or more total participants by 2050, or sooner?

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All proceeds received - will go towards activities endorsed by our Charter, and to help fund supported Coalition-Projects


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