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Understand People, Money & Earth

Our Charter is to organize an entirely new membership based movement - to advance the seven Fundamental Principles of "Affordable-Power" into a bold new platform for a more prosperous, healthy and sustainable world.

The seven Fundamental Principles of "Affordable-Power"

  • 1
    The Most Efficient

    The least amount of energy required to be put into the entire system - to produce the same or more useful-power out.

  • 2
    The Cleanest

    The lowest total carbon footprint, emissions, and pollution from all areas of the entire system.

  • 3
    The Most Reliable

    Any product, must always seek the highest quality and reliability to become, and remain, the most widely used and dependable commodity within a free market economy.

  • 4
    The Most Sustainable

    The least natural resources used, least total disturbance to the environment, and least non-recyclable and toxic waste.

  • 5
    The Lowest (cradle-to-grave) Cost

    The least amount of mining and processing, land, labor and infrastructure needed - to manufacture, operate, maintain, repair, recycle, and dispose of all parts of the entire system.

  • 6
    The Largest Growth (in value) to the Economy

    Economic prosperity is dependent on access to reliable useful-power within a "free-market" - so, the more affordable and readily available the power is (in comparison to demand) - the more prosperous and secure the economy is, and the more free, safe and healthy the society is that relies on that power.

  • 7
    The Most Ethical

    The entirety of the above fundamental principles - certainly ranks much higher on the ethical scale, than any possible alternatives (to them) ever could.

To Reinforce This Point

Any shortcomings (whether political, environmental, ethical, or otherwise)  within the entire process of converting energy into "useful" power - will always show up as an increase in cost of that power - and detrimentally impact the entire economy, the environment, and quality of life itself...


Our Solution

The first step in our approach, is to credibly expose the disastrous economic and environmental realities of the "New Energy Economy", (i.e., Green New Deal, Green Energy Movement etc.):

  • See "Quotes & Links" at the bottom of "Resources & Library" page of this website.

The simple truth is - that the two greatest achievements by early man - are the controlled use of fire (combustion) and invention of the wheel (rotational motion).  But the modern world didn't emerge until the invention of the machines (modern combustion engines) that tied those "historically-significant" achievements together.


So relying on those three transformational accomplishments... our vision is to help guide the world back to an already well proven and more "balanced" approach towards a more healthy and secure future - by promoting and supporting new technologies that:

  • Improve the quality and efficiency of engines
  • Provide renewable and more bio-friendly fuels
  • Eliminate the emissions & impacts caused by their use
  • Expand their markets for micro-grid and utility-scale power
  • Convert waste to power, and more...

  -- United-We-Stand -- 

In Simple Terms

We are a new grassroots style organization;  bound by our charter to stand up for your civil liberties, and the wellbeing of our planet - from a government takeover of the world's Energy Markets - and forced proliferation of Solar Panels, Windmills and Massive Storage Batteries.

And as you learn more about those so called "Green" devices - - you will discover, as we have - - they have far less to do with what's best for the environment - - than they have with a radical attack on capitalism and deliberate exploitation of the free market...