To Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Deputy Premier John Barilaro:

Australia's out of control electricity prices are hurting consumer and business confidence right across the country.

Millions of homes and businesses in Australia have seen their power bills double in just one year. These price hikes have forced small businesses to decide whether to close their doors or pass on costs to customers.

Following the closure of the Hazelwood coal fired power station in Victoria, wholesale electricity prices spiked by 85 percent. If the Federal Government fails to secure the future of the Liddell coal fired power station, power prices will increase by more than $400 per household.

Investing in renewable energy is not the solution as we have seen in South Australia. During the South Australian blackouts, hundreds of millions of dollars were lost by some of the state's largest employers. We cannot make the same mistake in other states.

Throughout the latter half of 2017 many of the nation's leading energy retailers announced further price rises. The hurt isn't over yet.

Ultimately, if Australian small businesses are unable to operate, it is the workers who will lose when businesses are forced to close their doors.

Other countries have taken sensible steps to keep the lights on and lower power prices for businesses.

Hundreds of high efficiency low emissions (HELE) coal-fired power stations are being constructed around the world, many of which use Australian coal. Yet in Australia we have none.

New HELE power stations will not only provide cheap and reliable electricity for businesses, manufacturing, and industry - but they will also help us meet our emissions target under the Paris Agreement.

We ask the Australian Government to support investment in 21st century high efficiency, low emissions coal-fired power so businesses like mine can grow.‚Äč